Heart Sublimation Rock Slates
Heart Sublimation Rock Slates

Heart Sublimation Rock Slates

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This heart photo rock slate is  6 inches and  1/4" thick, with a white coating that is ready to sublimate. Each piece is handcrafted and chiseled with imperfect edges to make each slate unique. Memorialize a loved one or use your favorite inspirational quote. The Rock Slate comes with two black plastic stands to display on any desk or mantle. Please be aware that these are natural stone and slight imperfections in the surface may occur if not very careful.

Set temperature to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. 300-400 seconds depending on the rock slate size. The larger the rock slate, the longer the time should be .Set Pressure at medium-heavy. Use caution as the rock slate can crack with too much pressure .Print a mirror image and the Image should be larger than the substrate .Place the substrate face down on the transfer paper and tape the paper to the substrate using heat tape .Place substrate face up on the heat press .Cover with a piece of fabric (cut t-shirt) to protect the coating of the rock slate. Then cover with a silicon pad .Press at 415 degrees F for 300-400 seconds with medium-heavy pressure. Remove immediately from press once finished and peel hot. Use caution as rock slate will be very hot.